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Est. — 1879

Rooted in Excellence

Nestled in the heart of Napa Valley, Inglenook’s roots are deeply embedded in the rich soils of the Rutherford Bench, a land famed for its exceptional terroir. This unique stretch of earth, where climate and soil harmonize to produce grapes of unparalleled quality, is at the core of our heritage. Our dedication to crafting exquisite wines begins with this land, making each bottle a testament to the Rutherford Bench’s natural grandeur and the meticulous stewardship we uphold. Welcome to Inglenook, where legacy and terroir speak through every sip.

Meet Our People

The People Behind the Wine


The Family Coppola

The Coppola family's bond with Inglenook is not just one of ownership, but of deep, personal resonance that dates back to their first bottle shared at a family meal. It is a story of renaissance and stewardship, where Francis Ford Coppola's vision to restore the estate's legacy has been infused with the same passion and diligence that characterizes his films. Each vine planted and bottle produced at Inglenook is a chapter in the Coppola family narrative, a testament to their commitment to excellence and the art of winemaking. At Inglenook, the Coppolas don't just craft wines; they cultivate a family legacy that harmonizes with the land's natural grandeur.

Director of Winemaking

Philippe Bascaules

At the helm of Inglenook's winemaking since 2011, Philippe Bascaules brings a spirit of daring innovation matched with a respect for tradition. Drawing on his esteemed experience from Bordeaux, Philippe arrived in Napa Valley with a vision to marry Inglenook's storied terroir with contemporary winemaking excellence. His philosophy intertwines adventure with the art of finesse, pursuing wines that whisper complexity and mystery rather than shouting power. For Philippe, the essence of a great wine lies in its enigmatic soul—each bottle is a narrative of Inglenook's land, crafted to captivate and inspire through aromatic allure and a gracefully structured journey.

Estate Chef

Alex Lovick

Harnessing the rich tapestry of his Russian roots and European influences, Alex Lovick crafts the culinary story at Inglenook with the same creativity and passion he refined under renowned chefs and luxury resorts. Now, as Inglenook's Estate Chef, Alex orchestrates not just the estate's gastronomic events but also shapes a dining narrative that celebrates the estate's wines. His stewardship of two Chef’s Gardens is a testament to Inglenook's commitment to authentic, innovative, and seasonally inspired cuisine that complements and elevates each wine's profile.

Our History

Inglenook Through the Years


The Italia Coppola Wine Caves

The next chapter in Inglenook’s story begins as construction was completed on a new state-of-the-art winemaking facility dedicated to Francis Coppola's mother. Occupying close to 23,000 square feet and designed to accommodate 120 fermenting tanks–-one for each respective vineyard block–- the winemaking team can maintain the integrity of each individual block's character when crafting Inglenook wines.


Inglenook Again and Always

With patient resolve and relentless negotiations over nearly four decades, the Coppolas fulfilled the vow they made in 1975. First by reuniting the property in 1995 and now, in 2011, acquiring Inglenook's name and trademark. Philippe Bascaules of Chateau Mârgaux becomes Inglenook's Director of Winemaking.


New Beginnings

Francis and Eleanor Coppola purchased a portion of what had been the Inglenook estate. The Coppolas soon discovered the treasure of what they now own and vow to reunite all of the land and to restore Inglenook's esteemed reputation. The first step is establishing their own winery, which they called Niebaum-Coppola Estate Winery.


The Daniel Years

John Daniel Jr., Niebaum's grandnephew, assumed management of Inglenook. Inglenook wines win the most number of awards of any California winery at San Francisco's Golden Gate International Exposition. Daniel sells Inglenook—its brand name, Chateau winery, and close to 100 acres of vineyards—to United Vintners in 1964.


Niebaum purchases Inglenook

Gustave Niebaum bought the Inglenook property and continued to acquire smaller parcels of neighboring land over the next several years. In doing so, he created an estate totaling to 1,100 contiguous acres. Construction on the chateau begun a few years later in 1881 and takes six years to complete.

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