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Discover the essence of legacy with Inglenook’s Heritage Society

Dive into the legacy of our vineyards with exclusive memberships: Rubicon and Excelsior. Embrace our founders’ vision through curated wine deliveries, and experience the luxury of our estate with unique events and vacations. Be part of a community that celebrates winemaking excellence.


Rubicon Membership at Inglenook’s Heritage Society offers an introductory glimpse into our vineyard's legacy with four annual shipments of 2-6 bottles, blending treasured library wines and exciting new releases. Experience the convergence of tradition and innovation in every glass, inviting you into a community that cherishes the art of fine winemaking.
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Excelsior Membership delivers unparalleled luxury and exclusivity, with two annual cases of our wines—Cabernet Sauvignon and Rubicon—and exclusive access to our RC Reserve Syrah. Enjoy priority invitations to estate events, bespoke vacation experiences, and complimentary tastings, defining the zenith of the Inglenook experience.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to provide my email address?

We use your email address to notify you of upcoming shipments and any changes to your account as well as to send you invitations to exclusive winery events, news and special offers. We will never sell your email address, and it will only be shared with our affiliates or service providers who may require it to support your membership, for example in connection with fulfilling shipments and ensuring compliance with direct shipping laws. More information is available within our Privacy Policy.

Is it free to join the Heritage Society?

Rubicon and Excelsior Members both pay an annual $100 Membership Fee to remain in active membership with the Heritage Society. This is a non-refundable, annual charge, billed at the time of joining Membership and renewed yearly on your sign-up anniversary. This annual fee entails you to all member benefits, including shipping included for all Club Shipments and Reorders of Club Shipments during the (30) day reorder window.

What is the current club selection?

Rubicon and Excelsior Members may find information on current and past shipment offerings here.

If I’m a member, am I still required to make reservations for tastings and experiences?

Yes. To ensure the highest quality of service, we require our members to make reservations for tastings and experiences. Please note that the maximum group we can accommodate is a party of ten and depends on availability. Although a credit card is required to make reservations, you will not be charged until the day of your visit and only if there is a fee.

How long must I remain a member?

Upon joining, we ask that members receive the first four Rubicon shipments or first two Excelsior shipments of wine after which time they may choose to cancel their membership. The annual Membership Fee is nonrefundable in whole or in part if the cancellation occurs prior to the end of an annual membership cycle. However, we find that our members prefer to remain as such once they begin to enjoy the many benefits that the Heritage Society offers!

Why is a signature required for delivery?

Federal and state laws require a signature of an individual 21 years of age or older for all deliveries that contain alcohol. We strongly recommend using a business address for your shipments to ensure prompt and safe delivery of your wine.

May I order more wine or merchandise between shipments?

Absolutely! Orders can be placed by visiting our online store, emailing us at, or calling (707) 968-1144. When you sign-in using your account email and password, your membership discount will automatically be applied to your purchase. Shipments include Member-Exclusive pricing on select library vintages of wines, purchasable during the 30-day reorder window following receiving your shipment. Special Member Pricing may also be applicable on New Release vintages during this reorder window.

How can I purchase a gift membership?

Membership to the Heritage Society makes a wonderful gift! The recipient will receive all of the great benefits of membership. Upon your request, we will send a welcoming membership email to your gift recipient, and thereafter your credit card will be charged approximately one week before any wine shipments are sent. Whenever you would like the gift membership to end, simply notify us in writing at, subject to the cancellation provisions in our Membership Policy and Automatic Renewal Terms.

How are charges tabulated for shipments?

Rubicon Members are charged approximately $500* per shipment in January, March, September, and November. Shipments are between 2-6 bottles, and members may choose to place a purchase in lieu of the standard shipment offering, so long as the price point meets or exceeds that of the corresponding shipment (i.e. if the March Shipment is $500, then the price point of the Purchase in Lieu of would need to be $500 or more before taxes). If a shipment is customized, the actual amount charged will vary depending on the selection of wines contained in each shipment. *Plus applicable taxes

All Heritage Society Memberships are a one-year commitment that renews automatically, unless otherwise cancelled in writing at least two weeks ahead of the next shipment offering.

All sales are final. If a shipment is returned to us as undeliverable, we will reach out to you to coordinate a reshipment. A $25 Reshipment Fee will be applied to all orders that are returned by FedEx or UPS after (3) failed delivery attempts including those related to no one 21 years of age or older being present to sign for the wine delivery.

All updates for billing, shipping address, and shipping date must be communicated to us through writing to or through your online account no later than four business days before the shipment processing date (always communicated through email ahead of each shipment offering). All requests to amend an order which has already been processed are not guaranteed to be honored and may incur additional fees, and the order may not be cancelled after processing.

May I suspend a shipment?

Rubicon and Excelsior Members may not suspend any shipments within the year. We are always happy to work with members to delay the shipping of an order, or we are happy to assist you with customizing your shipment (so long as the price point meets or exceeds that of the corresponding shipment wishing to be skipped).

How do I cancel my membership or change my account information?

We understand that things can happen and membership may no longer be the best fit. Once terms of membership have been met (including accepting four Rubicon shipments or two Excelsior shipments sent within the first year of membership), membership may be terminated at any time through writing to us at All cancellation requests must be made in writing at least two weeks ahead of the next scheduled shipment.

To make changes to your account profile, you may update your information online by signing-in with the email address and password on file for your account. We ask that you ensure your account profile reflects the correct contact and current credit card information to avoid missed shipments and delivery failures. Multiple missed shipments may result in membership cancellation.

I am a legacy member with the Inglenook Heritage Society. Where might I find the list of benefits exclusive to this tier of membership?

Information on Legacy Membership (a closed tier of membership no longer available to join by new or returning members) may be accessed here.

For additional inquiries, call us at (707) 968-1144 or send us an email.